STOP That Sick Feeling In Your Stomach 
Every Time The Phone Rings 
Or There Is A Knock At The Door-- 

Bankruptcy may be the option for you.

Bankruptcy could provide the fresh start you are looking for to drastically improve your financial health. We understand how hard it is to admit you need this option. Most of our clients need bankruptcy due to a job loss, divorce, medical issue for themselves or someone in their family, not because they are overspending. Often the reason is outside of your control. Our clients are not lazy or bad people; they have had a bad break somewhere in their life and just need some help to get back on track.  

We've created a Free Whitepaper for you that explains how to keep from messing up your bankruptcy before you even file your case. 
So, go head, put in your name and primary email address, click the "Send My Free Whitepaper" button right now and we'll see you on the inside. 

Don't make a mistake that can cost you...

  • Being Able to File: Some people make mistakes that can delay filing for 6 months, a year, two years, ten years!  Don't make these mistakes by accident.  
  • Putting Friends and Family in Danger of a Lawsuit by the Trustee: We don't want you to put your friends and family members in the firing squad.  
  • Don't Give Up Money You Could Keep In Your Pocket: Find out what assets are protected and why sometimes paying things off can hurt you big time in the long run.

Want More Information?

Law In Kansas City is committed to providing you tons of value and 
answers to your questions.  

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Are you facing foreclosure, repossession, lawsuits, or just can't pay your bills?  





Why Choose Us?
Our firm has had years of experience in helping people file for bankrutpcy. Our clients receive compassion, practical advice, and patience during this process. We excel in providing value for your representation as we have handouts explaining questions you have, emails that specifically respond to your questions or help you understand what is required every step of the way. In Chapter 13 case, you will receive copies of everything filed in your case AND explanations on what the filings mean to you. Bankruptcy is full of potholes and we know how to avoid them. You will receive instructions on what NOT TO DO as much as what you NEED TO DO to so that your case will proceed as smoothly as possible.  

Ready to work with us?  

We offer a 30 minute consultation with you. As part of your consultation, you will receive our FREE eBook on Bankruptcy and our Welcome Video to help you understand the basics and be ready for your appointment.  We want your time with the attorney to be about your questions.  
By the time you leave our office you will know...
  • How Bankruptcy Works: Budget, Means Testing, and Exemptions to Protect Your Property
  • How Bankruptcy Works In Your Specific Situation: Find out if you can keep all your stuff (house, car, property, tax refunds, etc).  When strategically it might be the right time for you to file your case.  Help you avoid making mistakes before you file your case.  
  • Is Bankruptcy the Right Fit For You: Why bankruptcy can help you get rid of your stress and give you financial freedom.  If it is not the right option, what else can you do to improve your finances.  

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