Did You Know That One Traffic Ticket Can 
Put Your Driver's License in DANGER
Of Being Suspended
Raise Your Car Insurance Rates?

What if you could AVOID all that in 5 minutes (without breaking the bank)?

Traffic and DWI citations can put your driver's license in jeopardy and, in some situations, may bring jail time without proper representation. Missouri has a point system and points stay on your record for a period of time depending on if they are alcohol related or not. A normal traffic ticket will have 2 points and those points stay on your record for at least 18 months. If you have too many points, your license can be suspended. 

There is a penalty if you have had a prior suspension so it is best to make sure to take care of all tickets as they happen. Further, having points show up on your driving record negatively impacts your car insurance rates! So paying a small amount to have the ticket amended to a no-point violation is less expensive than the expense of increased car insurance. Further, once you go down the rabbit hole of suspension and driving while suspended, it is much harder to get back on the right track. Make sure if you do get a ticket to contact us right away! It is easy to throw the ticket in your glove box and the next thing you know there is a warrant out for your arrest. 

If you need time to pay the fine and costs, we can work with you on obtaining a continuance with the Court. Our best advice is not to wait until the last minute!  

Obviously, it is best to have a designated driver or take an Uber. Sometimes, you make a mistake without even knowing you were impaired. If this happens to you, make sure to call us right away. You will receive a temporary driving license when you are arrested and you have a very short window to send in your request for a hearing with the Department of Revenue to try to protect your license. 

Many people don't understand that there is an administrative side and criminal side to a DWI. This is the type of case where you must have an attorney. Pleading guilty will require you to serve jail time unless you have a plea agreement with the Prosecutor. If this is your first charge, you can receive a "Suspended Imposition of Sentence" which means that it will be off your record when your probation period is over. It can be used by law enforcement, the Director of Revenue, and as a prior offense if you do receive another violation, but for all other purposes, the case disappears. 

If you have a second offense, you still may be able to avoid jail time but you will receive a "suspended execution of sentence" which means no jail time unless you have a violation of your probation. Hopefully this will not happen to you, but we are here to help if you make this mistake.  

If you would like our WhitePage on the Missouri point system, click the link below.
Why Choose Us?
Many of our local tickets have reduced attorney fees since they are so close to our office and do not require a lot of time. If the Court does allow us to mail in a ticket, we will also offer a reduced fee. Traffic tickets come in 3s so if you do get another one we will give you a client discount on the fee for the next ticket. We have your back and will keep an eye to make sure you do not end up with a point problem leading to a suspension if at all possible.  
Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I beat a speeding ticket?? 
The real question you need to ask is can I get is dismissed, win at trial, or have it reduced to a no-point violation so it won’t appear on your driving record. You will not be able to get a ticket dismissed most likely. You might be able to win at trial but it will cost you at least $500 to go to trial so this option is not really cost effective. So why hire an attorney? An attorney can reduce the ticket to a no-point speeding offense so it will not show up on your driving record. This will help keep your car insurance from going up and protect your driver’s license. If you have too many points on your license, your license will be suspended.  
How long do points stay on my record?
Points stay on your record for 18 months. This does not mean that the conviction will not be seen by your insurance company for much longer.  
What happens if I do not show up to Court?
The Judge will issue a warrant for your arrest. You will also receive a Failure to Appear which also has points. Your license will be suspended. If you are caught driving while your license is suspended, you will have another case which is much more expensive. When your license is suspended, you need to resolve the underlying ticket and reinstate your license. This takes time. All this time, you are not able to drive or risk additional files and court costs. Instead of looking at attorney fees, fines and courts costs of hundreds, you might have over a thousand in attorney fees, fines and court costs. If you are worried that you don’t have the funds to pay your ticket, your attorney can continue the case to give you time to come up with funds. Some courts even give you time to pay.  
Will I have to go to Court on my traffic ticket?  
If you have a basic speeding ticket or another minor offense, your attorney will normally be able to appear on your behalf. If you have something more serious like an accident involved ticket, driving while suspended or DWI, you will likely need to appear at court.  
Do I need a lawyer for my speeding ticket?
 If you want to pay your ticket and have the points assessed against you, there is no need to hire an attorney. Many times you can go pay the ticket before a court date and not have to appear in court. However, if you do not want the points to appear on your record, most likely you will need to hire an attorney. Most prosecutors in Missouri will not speak with defendants.  
Can I be convicted of speeding when no speed limit is posted?
Absolutely! All Cities and Counties have speed limits in force even when they are not posted.  
What happens if I already have points on my license? What if I did not show up for Court and points were assessed to me? 
 One thing people do not know is that if you had a ticket in the last year and were not represented by an attorney, we may be able to reopen the ticket and make this a no-point violation. If you have too many tickets on your license, we may be able to help your keep your license.  
What if I received a ticket in another state? Will that appear on my Missouri driver’s record? 
 Most states will report a ticket in their jurisdiction to Missouri. There are some City Courts that do not, but you might not know their policy. You will receive points for a ticket in another State if they are reported to Missouri.
Is pulling up my car insurance on my phone sufficient to prove my insurance to an officer that stops me? 
It appears that showing electronic proof of insurance will be sufficient for the officer. However, it is always a best practice to keep a paper copy in your car.
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